Table Mate 2

The table mate and table mate 2 are “as seen on TV products” that are really gaining in popularity and being sold at a variety of retail stores. This table mate review will not only look at this product will attempt to discover just what is there about this product that makes it so popular.

What is Table Mate 2 ?

The Table Mate and Table mate 2 are kind of a cross between a modified TV tray and a portable work station. The unique design of the table mate makes it ideal for a number of uses including:

Using for a desk when doing homework

Using as a laptop desk

Eating meals in front of the television or from an easy chair

A work station for your garden, patio, or deck.

Often referred to as the Table Mate tv tray no doubt because it comes with an adjustable cup holder. The table mate and table 1 are small trays that are fit onto L shaped legs which allows the legs to be slide under chairs and sofas so that you can bring the tray or table mate up close enough to you for it to really be useful. Calling it a table mate is a little misleading because this product isn’t something that you use along with a table, but rather in place of a table or desk. read table mate 2 review



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